The Citywide Ferry Service to Launch Summer 2017

Preparation for the Citywide Ferry Service is underway.


The boats for the Mayor Bill de Blasio’s Citywide Ferry Service are being constructed on an assembly line located on two shipping yards in the southern U.S. So far 19 aluminum-made vessels have been created for the purpose of servicing the municipal ferry network, which is expected to launch during summer 2017.

The Metal Shark and Horizon shipyards in Alabama and Louisiana, respectively, brought together 200 workers to bring together boat frames. The modern day ferry boats will be a testament to state of the art safety features and timely technology, making waterway access easy. According to Mayor Bill De Blasio, the new fleet of boats will help to connect visitors and commuters to extended areas throughout the city. The president of the New York City Economic Development Corporation, Maria Torres-Springer, is overseeing the services, and she’s stated that there will be service testing by early next year.

The fast and affordable ferry service will be carried out on 85-foot-long boats, each able to carry 150 passengers, as well as wheelchairs, strollers, and bicycles. The NYCEDC described the ferries as fuel efficient and lightweight, and it will be equipped with free Wi-Fi and heated decks.

The ferry will charge $2.75 for a one-way ride, with hopes that these ferry rides will be integrated with the MetroCard, which would allow for free transfers to buses and subway trains. The state-run MTA is the early stages of replacing MetroCards with new fare-payment tech.

The first phase of the ferry development will be implemented next summer. Phase One will utilize 12 of the new ferries on the new routes. These routes will carry passengers to South Brooklyn, Astoria, and Manhattan.

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