REITs Provide Higher Returns Than Stocks and Bonds | Jerry Novack

REITs Provide Higher Returns Than Stocks and Bonds

The ebbs and flows of the investment world often advertise apparent risks, but also rewards. The middle ground that exists between volatility and total interest rate returns is, after all, real estate. According to collaborative research published by Deutsche… Read More


Property Management Software Could Save Your Business Money and Time

There are multiple tips experts can share with you about the way you might improve asset management for your rental property portfolio when managing properties. When managing real estate properties, you’re managing some of the most expensive and… Read More

Investing in Real Estate

For the past decade, the real estate market has been experiencing some fluctuations. For years, it’s gone back-and-forth as being regarded as a safe investment. Now as we’re entering the end of 2015, investing in real estate is… Read More