Lenny Kravitz Designs Music Space in NYC’s Upper West Side


Lenny Kravitz Designs Music Space in NYC’s Upper West Side

Lenny Kravitz, the retro-style an American singer, songwriter, actor and record producer, is helping to design spaces in New York City. The songster has chosen to step into the mix by contributing to unique ideations to the development of apartment complexes in New York City.

Apartment buildings are going to great heights to service clients, including offering  a pram valet service and rooftop gardens, or far more extravagant features. The Kent, an Upper East Side full-service industrial collection of two- to five-bedroom condominiums and penthouses also offers a communal music room, ‘The Sound Lounge,’ designed by artist Lenny Kravitz. That lovely recreational space includes large flat screen TVs, a drop-down movie screen, and a performances or parties. Lovers of music also enjoy the supplied drum kit, piano, and professional quality amplifiers.

“The Sound Lounge at The Kent was inspired by one of my personal recording studios,” Kravitz said in The Kent’s media release. “We wanted to create an inviting and inspiring multipurpose environment where the residents can play music together or practice their instruments.”

Located at 200 East 95th Street, the prices start $US2.45 million for two to five-bedroom apartments.

The Camp Kent facility is also located at the Kent, which is an interactive play space adjacent to an outdoor playground. That’s in addition to a pram valet and a dog wash station for residents.

However, Lenny Kravetz isn’t the only popular name that’s decided to lend a hand to design. Fashion guru Karl Lagerfeld took to The Estates at Acqualina is a beachfront condominium development in Miami, Florida to showcase talent.

“I am excited by the opportunity to design the lobbies of The Estates at Acqualina and take great pride in knowing that the spaces I create will be such important spaces in the building,” says Lagerfeld in the media release for The Estates. “Not only are they significant because they offer the first impression of the building, they are also the spaces where people come to socialize daily; they are like a common living room. My designs are inspired by the look of each lobby, the building and the destination of Florida especially. The climate is very warm there and I wanted something fresh.”

The Estates is a lush property with an ice skating rink, a fitness center, a bowling alley, a movie theater, and a Wall Street ‘trader’s club room,’ offering access to computers, stock market ticker tape and a board room. Also,  In close proximity to that estate is a resort and spa. Lagerfeld designed the lobbies for the residential twin buildings. The full-time concierge, pet care services, child care, and an accessible Rolls-Royce are available to residents. Prices range between $3.9 million to $48 million for a penthouse.

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