REITs Provide Higher Returns Than Stocks and Bonds | Jerry Novack

REITs Provide Higher Returns Than Stocks and Bonds

The ebbs and flows of the investment world often advertise apparent risks, but also rewards. The middle ground that exists between volatility and total interest rate returns is, after all, real estate. According to collaborative research published by Deutsche… Read More

Jerry Novack

New York Real Estate Newbies: 5 Essential Tips For First-Time Buyers

Buying a new home is an exciting process for anyone to go through. There are many people who want to purchase a home in New York. However, New York real estate is among the most expensive in the… Read More

The Sensational Uniqueness of New York City

‘Fuhgeddaboudit’, is a phrase that’s unblinkingly unique to New York (and New Jersey), and it suggests that a scenario is undesirable or unlikely. New York City, with its garrulous culture and vibrant communities, stands apart from everywhere else… Read More

The Citywide Ferry Service to Launch Summer 2017

Preparation for the Citywide Ferry Service is underway.   The boats for the Mayor Bill de Blasio’s Citywide Ferry Service are being constructed on an assembly line located on two shipping yards in the southern U.S. So far 19… Read More

Investments, Not Affordability, Will Be More Accessible for Buyers

With monumental costs straining the entire New York City real estate market, reports show that this fall, investments, not affordability, will be more accessible for buyers. Those in search of a home will have to effectively search neighborhoods… Read More


Experts: NYC Rental Market to Experience Relief This Fall

Experts are reporting that this Autumn, the New York City rental market will experience some relief. As the city chilly months inch closer, it will become easier for renters to find an apartment throughout all five boroughs. The… Read More

NYC Real Estate Market is Ripe & Ready for Investment

The NYC real estate market is ripe and ready for investment agenda and opportunity; that’s the case whether discussing commercial or residential properties. A vested interest in real estate worthy venture for those thirsty to meet the ceaseless business… Read More


Lenny Kravitz Designs Music Space in NYC’s Upper West Side

Lenny Kravitz, the retro-style an American singer, songwriter, actor and record producer, is helping to design spaces in New York City. The songster has chosen to step into the mix by contributing to unique ideations to the development… Read More


Property Management Software Could Save Your Business Money and Time

There are multiple tips experts can share with you about the way you might improve asset management for your rental property portfolio when managing properties. When managing real estate properties, you’re managing some of the most expensive and… Read More


NYC Residents Spending 65.2% of Income on Rent

Nearly all markets undergone some sort of dynamic change in the past few years, though numbers hint at recovery. Whether describing the high-valued real estate of NYC or the peaking market of Boulder, Colorado, there have some shocking… Read More